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We believe children learn best through integrating all of their gifts.  Studies have show that dance can facilitate reading, geometry and spacial awareness as well as improve attention span.   Building the foundation for good dance technique in a wholesome, safe, dance environment, including age appropriate music, cultivates a child's natural desire to create beauty and share their inner light.   

Our classes all have a foundation of ballet.  Proper muscular development and technical training are essential as building blocks in Classical Ballet but many students feel they can not learn this discipline unless they have been in strict training for years.  We offer a recreational ballet course combining lyrical styles as well as  Russian, French and Cecchetti styles.  Any skill level or age of dancer can begin their study of this beautiful art form.  We have classes for upper ballet students to continue their study of  classical ballet and pointe.


Movement is always fun!!!  Combining jazz, tap, leaps and turns with popular fusion styles keeps students engaged.  Learning and appreciation of cultural dance is key to many of the dances we enjoy today.  Hip Hop can be enriched through learning African roots and folk history.  Line dances and Reels tell stories from past people and places. Each preparatory class will include Folk Dance themes and cultural appreciation as we introduce all styles of dance.  For our preschool classes we also include a tumbling unit exploring acro-dance and drill formations.  

We look forward to enriching your children's life with the art of dance.

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